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Thread: vespa gts 300 ]oem dedaler tools

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    vespa gts 300 ]oem dedaler tools

    With vespa dealers quitting the brand, there must be some factory tools out there. Does anyone have any they want to sell? Thanks, Pat

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    What part numbers are you looking for? We have bought out many dealers over time and do have a surplus of special tools, especially the more obscure stuff seldom needed by our shop. Email parts list to parts@ af1 racing com.
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    Many dealers will return the tools to Piaggio unless they are going belly up. Piaggio charges for the tools you do not return.

    When the local Aprilia dealer dumped Aprilia for KTM Piaggio was quite adamant about getting back all the tools on their inventory list so they packed them all up as requested and sent all the parts and tools Piaggio specified they wanted back.

    If Micah has some that have escaped Piaggios notice then take him up on it.

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    I have 3 piaggio bikes, a mana 850,a 09 fly 150 and a 2015 vespa 300. I don't have any part numbers, but I'd be interested in any tools the bikes might need for routine maintenance' and maybe a little more advanced work. I have a couple, but I would like more. I don't plan on ever selling any of the bikes. If you can think of any off the top of your head, let me know. I know some are outrageously expensive, but please let me know what you have. Thanks, Pat.

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