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Howdy! I am one of the instructors at Ridesmart. Technically if its your first time with RS, you are NOT supposed to register in L3 until you have been evaluated by one of the instructors for your safety and everyone else for obvious reasons. Having said that, I am well aware of the fact that there are always folks who bypass it. Mind you that we always have "controlled riders" in L3 who keep an eye for riders who are not running at L3 phase. If you decide to run L3 before you learn the track and get pulled out by one of these controlled riders, you risk having to spend the rest of the weekend in L2. If you ask me, you are better off spending the first half or less of the Sat in L2. Once you think you are at pace, ask one of the instructors if you are ready to move to L3. If and when you are ready, you are good to go have fun in L3 for the rest of the weekend. Heck if it helps, just grab me when you are ready to be evaluated and I would be glad to bump you up if you are on it.
Again, end of the day...its your call mate. You would be making a long drive to have fun with us here at CoTA. We WANT you to have fun, hopefully come back in the future..Think about it and let me know...if you have any any questions or need help with anything. I look forward to meeting you at CoTA

Second, someone made a comment about RS going through the same damn material again and again in the class...Puff...Trust me, we hate it too As a matter of fact, before the start of every season we always tell Dave(RS owner) we have to change that...move more towards "video based feedback", more use of Gopros etc etc instead of boring slide deck yawning sessions...Unfortunately, Dave hates change as some might already know. I still dream of one of these days Dave will agree to our wishes lol..
Thanks for the info, kb_abhishek. I already registered for L3, but per a recommendation here I was thinking about running with L2 (round robin?) during the first few sessions to get my bearings and identify markers. I'm not sure if that means I'll need to be evaluated to actually ride in L3 (sounds like it), but I appreciate your offer and I'll try to look out for you so we can talk. I ride an all black track only Factory, so I should be easy to find.

For what it's worth, I used the PS3 to prepare for Laguna earlier this year and had no issues running with the A group even while learning the track. I'm doing the same for CotA, so I'm hoping that I can get up to speed quickly, despite it being a long, fast and technical track. I do want to respect the rules of the organization, but I also want to ensure that my learning experience is not hindered by more stringent rules in L2. It's hard to find the fast line when you're stuck behind someone that can't trail brake to save their life.