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Thread: Laguna Seca noise restriction - what do you get away with?

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    EricD speaks the truth. I agree about the insane baffles people run there and that choking the exhaust side of the motor likely is not a great idea. As mentioned in my post earlier, my 2014 Factory with an Akra Evo II full system and baffle did fine, not a single warning. I short shifted just like EricD suggests and was still running what I thought were decent lap times for a first timer.

    I have no complaints about riding with Keigwins in the A group. It was safe, riders were predictable, and the coaching staff seemed to "patrol" the track to ensure everyone was riding clean. I don't know how one would come to the conclusion that Keigwins isn't a good organization and would suspect that they had some sort of run-in with the staff. It's also possible that the slower groups were more of a mess, but that happens at any track day. As long as you ride clean, safe, and stay under the noise limit, you won't have to worry. I plan to return, and would definitely ride with Keigwins again.

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    Wow thanks for correcting me. I was thinking about getting one from him as I have used a diverted he made on my RSV4 prior but as mentioned it made the bike run poorly but thought a full insert might work better.

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    I also had a great experience w/ Keigwins at Laguna. Very helpful staff. I remember being kindly corrected about something on track once. The feedback was presented appropriately and I took the advice; no issues. They also hired Ken Hill to give classes throughout the day for anyone interested for free. Great track day organization in my mind.

    As well, I got hit once w/ stock exhaust but I wasn't holding back either day until then and I got hit the second day I was there. After that I just short shifted as others have mentioned and was never hit again.

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