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Thread: '04 Rally, turn signals not working?

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    '04 Rally, turn signals not working?


    I recently purchased a project '04 Rally. When I bought the scooter it was not running. I found the float to be cracked, replaced it, and everything runs great now. My turn signals however do not work. It appears that the front signals were replaced at some point. From the pictures I've found online of other Rallys, the signals/lens is flush in the front plastic. This scooter has been dropped before (scratches) and I think it has had aftermarket signals installed. The switch on the control panel seemed to stick and look very worn. I bought a replacement used switch on Ebay and plugged it in today. The signals still don't work. All other lights and indication lights work properly, but the signals have nothing. Before I start pulling panels and chasing wires, is there any known issues, or anything that would be helpful to know ahead of time? Thanks


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    who knows what they did. its not that bad bedause the scoots are wired pretty good. i mean everything you need is under the handlebar plastics. the flasher unit is there too.

    try racingplanet or scoottuning for parts and free shipping. usually a 70cc bbk is all you need if thats a piaggio engine.

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