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Thread: Tyre warmers for wets

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    Tyre warmers for wets

    Pulled this from the net, I run in a Pirelli series, good European tracks with good drainage.
    We are advised to not use tyre warmers, however, I put my warmers on the bike but do not plug them in, therefore using the insulation properties of the warmers from the air temp and wind elements, as my bike is usually under the bike tent and not in a garage.

    what are your thoughts on wet tyre preparation?


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    Posted September 27, 2011

    On 23/09/2011 at 10:18 PM, BLSJDS said:
    Is it necessary to heat up the rain tires with tire warmers, or would a few cautious laps suffice? Again, this is for track days only, not racing.

    (Trying to determine if I need to add tire warmers to my budget )
    DO NOT use warmers with rain tires. The likelihood that you will melt the soft rain compound is very high.

    Even if you could get the tire to 100 deg F on a warmer, it would quickly drop to the surrounding rain waters temperature within seconds of rolling through the standing water. Keep in mind that water conducts heat 36 times more efficiently than air. So if 10 minutes in the wind can drop your tire temp 50 deg, 17 seconds will do the same in the rain (1-3 corners). Its not something that your attention should be on while club racing or track days.

    Scuff in: No need to take any warmup or scuff in laps. The most importaint part of the rain tire is the grooves and the sharp edges of the grooves. An un-scuffed tire is not a factor at the small lean angles achieved in the rain( compared to the dry).

    Team don't use warmers. If you see them using them on rains, they are for there as covers. Even if they used them, its for a quick 5 min on the warmer and we don't even recommend that. Using warmers on a rain tire is very risky. I would not recommend it. I have observed several rains that melted, both before riding and after, because of using warmers on rains. "Using warmers on rains= buy a new set of rains"
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    I think the last time I used wets 3 weeks ago the ground temp was 3c naa it would have sucked the heat out

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    If you heat up rain tires before you go out you will shred them.
    You need to be running through water when you are on rain tires or they become too hot and get greasy.
    Once a dry line has formed on the track then you can switch to slicks. Until the dry line is formed you need to try and hit puddles on the straights if possible. This will keep the tires from getting too hot.

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    I don't use warmers on rains. The Dunlop rep. says they aren't needed. It's the only benefit of racing in the rain IMO - don't have to screw with warmers. I agree that the water on the way out to the track will likely remove any heat in the tire anyway.

    I know guys that use them though. Most on low, and for no longer than 20-30 minutes.

    That said - the first lap on a set of rains, especially brand new ones, can be interesting.
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    I use Pirelli rains for wet weather races, no need for warmers.

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    I've used warmers on wets before, but they aren't really needed. By the time you're out and going they are cold anyway.

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    The other thing to bear in mind, if you go out on warmed wets as they cool (which is extremely likely in the wet), your grip level can start to go down, not a recipe for success!

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