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Thread: 2008 Tuono Fuel Pump dash error (P-231)

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    2008 Tuono Fuel Pump dash error (P-231)

    So I let my T sit for a few weeks and had to replace the battery. I put the new battery in it after filling/charging it up, and when I went to turn her on, it just cranks and cranks. I had a service light and the error was for the fuel pump. Then I noticed that the fuel pump wasn't turning on and priming when I turn the key on. I've read a few other threads about this issue, but all of the ones I read turned out to be a connector not fully connected or some other simple fix. Checked my fuses and connectors and they all seem good, anybody have any ideas on where I go from here?
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    The next step would be to check if voltage is getting to the connector at key on and if yes then into the tank to see if voltage is getting to the pump.
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    wouldn't hurt to double check connector on left [i think its white ]for wires to fuel pump.&fuses again

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    Check the tiny connector under the seat. Super easy to come off.

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    My 2010 Tuono v twin won't start. The engine turns over, but it won't fire up. Diagnostic show error code 0231/45 which I believe is also the fuel pump open or disconnected. The fuel pump is definitely not priming, so I cleaned all connectors plus there is power to the fuel pump connector next to the battery. The bike has only been ridden half a dozen times in past 12 months, has 4,000 miles on the clock and never seen rain (fair weather rider I know....). Its never let me down before and always started first time, even after its been laid up for months during winter. Does anyone have any ideas what it may be?

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