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Thread: V7 III Racer.

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    V7 III Racer.

    I've been riding for ~67 years. I'm spoiling the demographic here. I've had many Guzzi's and still have 4.

    As new, or new to me I always ride a bike about 50 - 60 miles w/out ear plugs; listening for unusual sounds. I heard different, but nothing alarming. At ~150 miles 3rd gear began a quiet howl. At ~200 or so 2nd gear joined in and the noise seemed to attract others. BTW: almost all of these miles were in pouring rain, on well kinked roads, big elevation changes and 200 miles from home. (1st tank of fuel yielded 52.5 m/g). I had had my nose in the 'USE+MAINTENANCE BOOK' and knew where to look using prescription reading glasses AND magnifying glass. The confronting puzzle did not add clarity. Someone whose 1st language is English ought to be proof reading these things. I suggest Gear Box and Bevel Box.

    Being fresh off the boat I didn't want to drain the bikes gear box. There is no other way to learn if there is any oil at all, unless you drain the GB. No evidence of oil could be seen, or caught on dipped wire tie through the fill port.
    Dealers don't check gear box oil for obvious reasons. Calling my dealer resulted in an invitation to visit.

    Like so many others I've been waiting; first for the 6 speed and then the upgraded small block.

    As new changes b4 delivery:
    I swopped the wire wheels (which I like a lot), for cast wheels off a Stone. Added K Tech innerds to the fork (which needs more tuning), and Legnano bars. The Ohlin's shocks are very nice. The Racer foot controls were important and work nicely. A pair of adapting links allow the larger tail rack to be used. I'll add the Anniversario seat next week. This winter a total repaint will get the bike to what I really want. IOWs: A limited amount of black.
    Good fortune, R3~
    I'm looking for a 'Record' fairing, seemingly in vain

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    Wow, keep us informed of what your dealer finds. I also put the cast wheels on my new V7 III Special. Get the downloadable version of the owners manual here and you can read it without all the vision aids.

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    JACOoH, others?
    Thanx for your suggestion of the download.
    I was suspicious of there being straight cut gears and a closer look, in better light, confirmed same. The gear box was drained @ dealer and was short by ~80cc's. Not to worry! Fresh oil didn't change a thing and riding an Anniversario and a Special proved it common of the breed. Like other Guzzi idiosyncracies 'it's character'. An early 600 mile service was done for my convenience. The fuel filter was already failing @ 440 miles from new. Paraphrasing Alfred E. Newman; "What? Me worry?" I wear ear plugs. Except for that quick trip to the Post Office.
    I asked the dealer to change out the spark plug caps for NGK's. A known failure point. The cast aluminum cover (screwed to the valve cover), must be modified for clearance.

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