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Thread: new rider temperture level question

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    new rider temperture level question

    hello im a new dd1200 rider

    and i have seen that my bike get to 4 bars on temperture and then the fan kicks in.
    some times its drops back to 3 bars and sometime not.

    is that normal with this motorcycle

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    4 bars brings the fan on. Mine only got that hot sitting in traffic. I'd worry if you get 4 bars and the fan is not on. Most of the time mine was 3 bars fully warmed up.

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    Mine sits at two bars almost always, but I am not running in stop and go traffic. As long as the fan is coming on you are probably ok. Make sure your coolant level is up and the oilcooler and coolant radiators are clean and free of debris. An aftermarket pipe that removes the cat conv helps with perceived underseat heat build up, and a Fatduc or similar can also help with the factory lean running condition below 5000 rpm which also likely causes some heat. Tom

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