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Thread: Gel Seat

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    Gel Seat

    Has anyone solved the problem of the gel seat seat not latching correctly?
    I've had it for about 18 mths now and personally I'm sick of ****ing around with it!

    I've tried adjusting the latch, adding washers under the lock etc.

    ANY advice gratefully accepted.


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    I got it to work by putting two washers under each bolt on the latch. that finally did it. One washer worked for the stock seat.

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    Yeah thanks xactoman. This is what I've been doing. It works for a little while and then pops loose again.FRUSTRATING! I go through different washer thicknesses and combinations with varying results. It seems to me to be the "plate" in the latch itself not protruding far enough. I never had a problem with the stock seat.

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