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Thread: Blue Ridge / Smokies 2017-A

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    Blue Ridge / Smokies 2017-A

    The -A is in case I get back here again this year....

    Sitting here in Gatlinburg for one last night, right now. I rode the Futura down from Maryland over 2 days. 695 miles, since I took a lot of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Added another 160 miles yesterday riding 441, Clingman's, and the south end of BRP. It has been an fantastic ride.

    Very happy with the bike and tires. No issues. Horn quit... I have been riding it very hard. A bit of an oil weep from the valve cover, but that was already happening. The old Michelin Pilot Road 2CT tires have behaved amazingly, considering the age and that they were worn to start the trip. I could see the wear just from yesterday! They have handled hot and dry roads, as well as wet, fast twisties. So far, I am very happy with the feel. Impressive confidence even for older tires. They will be ready to toss in the stream bed when I am finished this ride.

    I have been running 36 front and 39 rear. The rear got up to 46 in the beltway mid-day heat.

    Would love to hear everyone's latest picks for high-sportiness, mileage tires. A bit apprehensive about pilot 3 or 4 siping.

    Not sure if I should hi-tail it home in one day on the interstate or take 2-3 more days to noodle. Hmmm....

    Did not get south to Deal's Or Cherohala, but no regrets.

    What an awesome bike, seems made for BRP.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Jealous... spent a lot of time up there in the mid 80's on a 500 Interceptor, when Charlotte was home. Looks like a great time - elk even!

    '01 Futura

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    So jealous. When I just started out on motorcycles, I went with a group from Lynchburg VA down the parkway all the way down to the tail of the dragon. I decided to take the car as i had only maybe 50-100miles of total riding experience and didn't feel like it was a good 1st real ride. The Parkway is such a good road too, the sites, twists, and all well maintained.

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    Great photos! Thanks for sharing. Deal's gets too crowded. BRP is dreamy. I love the mirror and turn-signal on the Futura. And those color-matched panniers are slick!

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    I did two track days this summer with Bridgestone T30 Evo.
    Started in the intermediate group as it was a long time since my last track day. After two sessions I was told to move to the fast group. The T30 have very good grip for being sport touring tires.
    2001 RST Futura in stream Silver.
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    NWS hugger. Equipment: Famsa tankbag,
    CBR 600 -07 MOSFET R&R FH008EE providing stable 14.4 - 14.5 V (with my wiring mod). Daytona heated grips with mccoi pwm controller and automatic chain oiler

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    I still run Pilot II tires, but I have switched it up some over the years.

    I began with Pilot Road II front and rear when they first came out. I did not get any better mileage from the rear--maybe 3400 max--but the front would go well over 4000, closer to 5000. I did not like staggering my tire replacement like that.

    I switched to Pilot Power 2CT front. It is much lighter that Road II with a sharper profile, so it bends in quicker, almost falls in. And it wears quicker, matching the PR II rear.

    The bike really likes this setup, and so do I.

    So four sets back, I put PP2CT on the rear too. Very sweet setup, with three caveats:

    1. There is noticeable warmup time the PR II does not seem to exhibit as felt by a little cold slippy-slip.
    2. Rear wears a little quicker than front now, and I'm lucky to see 2800 miles (I ride daily to and from work though--everywhere actually--and my centers often wear out before sides)
    3. Little less wet grip (better than any Bridgestone though, and not enough to alarm me)

    I will not try any PR3 or 4, same reasons as you. Plus, I put PR3 on my BMW R1200RT way back, and my ass end was squishing around all over the place. This is a bike that pretty-much doesn't care what shoes he wears, but total rejection there. I pulled them off with under 1000 miles on them.

    I was considering going back to PR2 rear because we like them and they're cheap now, right? A tight riding bud asked me how I liked the PP2CT (he used to run them on his CBR1K and S1000RR and liked them too) He recommended I try Pilot Power 3 next set. Says he still prefers them on the streets over any others, and gets close to 4K from a set. As he's one of the smoothest, fastest riders I know, I respect that input, and that'll be my next set.

    Plus, they ain't got that embarrassing seamstress siping the Road 3 and 4 do.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	pilot-power3+.jpg 
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    I run 36 F, 39 R daily.
    Loaded tour, 38 F, 42 R
    I'm about 162 lbs nekkid.

    EDIT Again:
    Great pix man!
    Do you mind if I cross-post them to another forum? I'm need to shut a few CaliClowns up who say them southern roads can't hold a matchstick to our roads out here.
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