What do other Aprilia riders think about Aprilia’s new European Service Database and the redundancy of the owners Service Booklet? When I bought my new 2018 Tuono Factory, I was surprised when I noticed there wasn’t a Service Book in the documentation and thought the salesman had forgotten it. When I queried this, I was told that all servicing records are now being kept on an Aprilia Database. In my fifty plus years of buying new motorcycles, I am not too confident in dealer record keeping, which is often a low priority. More-oft-than-not, I have had to insist on having the old Service Books stamped, so how much more likely is it that electronic inputs will be neglected? As a customer, how do I go about accessing the Aprilia Service Database to make sure services have been recorded? The Service Book also itemises the procedures, parts and service intervals required. In the past, I have always gone through this "checklist" after a service and requested that replaced parts were kept and returned to me. More than once have I discovered that some items had been overlooked. Aprilia publishes servicing lists in the back of the Owners Manual, but it is now not so easy to check that I am receiving a complete service. In the event I decide to trade in my bike at another makers dealership, how do I show the service history? There are also the normal concerns with cloud based data. Online information is not secure and can be hacked. It is unstable and is often lost, even when backed-up. I have several Tuonos and already there has been confusion over which one is which. Receipts for fluids and parts are given as evidence that a service has been completed but this surely means anybody can claim to have done the work? Citing the US Magnuson–Moss Act, owners of new vehicles in America can do their own servicing, without voiding the manufacturers warranty but is this the case in Europe? Indeed, I would rather do servicing myself as often bikes are returned by dealers in a worse state than when they went in. Cross-threaded bolts, rounded fasteners, thumbed aluminium fins, poor adjustments, wrong liquid levels, oil, grease and brake-fluid marring and every kind of incompetence is common-place. UK Aprilia dealers say that if anyone else does the servicing your warranty is invalidated. It seems to me that this electronic database is another way of holding the customer to ransom. I canvassed for dealer quotes before my 600 mile service and they ranged from £165 to £275, estimated. WTF?