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Thread: Sometimes you get lucky!

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    Sometimes you get lucky!

    Bloke whose 1200 Sport I rollerised 2000km ago calls me. Oil can warning is on on the dash.

    OK, don't ride it, I'll pick it up, (He's in Sydney, 550km round trip but better safe than sorry.

    Usually it's the sender switch so tank and airbox off, swap the switch but it looks very dry I. There..... Hmmm.

    Fire it up, still got the oil can. Bugger! OK, sometimes they blow the gasket out between the sump spacer and the block.

    Drop sump and spacer. Gasket intact. Double Bugger!

    Pull injector connectors and spin motor with finger over pick up orifice. No suckee!

    Roll shoulders in, pull tank and airbox again. Drop alternator, yank pulley, drop off oil cooler etc, pull Timing cover and

    That'll do it every time. It's the oil pump gear!

    Examining it in 'The Office' with my offsider we find the fucking gear is hollow!

    So who are the quality control assholes in Noale, (Can't pin this one on Mandello!)

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    But, we sava da munny !!
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    Didnt know that the "office" served frosty ones!?

    Anyhoo, you think that the molding bubble caused the teeth to shear?

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    I've never seen anything that had a plastic gear that I thought it was a better idea than metal, just cheaper. Stripped teeth, broken in half, cracks around shaft or insert or just flat out slipping around shaft or insert, total junk idea in the first place. Anyone in your area make gears? I know it's expensive to have made but you won't have to do the same job again.

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    Same shit happened with Harleys shortly after AMF aquired that company. Hopefully those hollow gear teeth were a one-off production defect, though they do look too consistent to be a defect.

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    There are thousands of 8V's out there with the phenolic gear. If it was a terrible mistake they'd all be crashing and burning. They aren't.

    As it is the ex importer had one in stock still and I bought it. Turns out it is the earlier steel gear so problem solved.

    Professional Goat Burster.

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