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Thread: ST2 in neighbours garage....stored for over 5 years.

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    ST2 in neighbours garage....stored for over 5 years.

    My neighbour surprised me by opening his garage door and revealing a Ducati ST2 in a metal crate.It belongs to his son who emigrated to Australia 5 years ago and was going to take the bike but found no room in the container.So it was left untouched in the garage.But now the son has asked his dad to sell the bike for him as his finances have taken a downward turn.Not sure of the exact year of the bike but that model was discontinued after 2003.Outwardly it looks great in it's Rosso Red paint and has a pair of Termignoni cans.The mileage is 7128.My neighbour is under the impression that a new battery,oil change and a flick of the start button will bring it roaring back to life.I am of the opinion that it will need some major preparation and not a little expense to get it back on the road.Not sure of the degree of care taken before storing the bike....petrol in the tank and suchlike.I would be very surprised if anybody would buy the bike in its present condition because of the risk of the engine being seized with rust in the cylinders.Anybody with any experience of bringing a bike like this back from the dead?I am thinking of such things as timing belts etc.Or is it all too much of a gamble to spend money which may not be recouped?

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    well -option one buy it real cheap ( it is worth x in parts ) and then take the risk and the effort

    pull plugs - loosen cylinders - check / change oil - if necessary drain / stabil fuel tank - and more do you check and replace the timing belts ( dry rotted?)

    if it starts run it on a stand - gears and clutch and yes -
    if he wants it checked and worked on he pays you and if not you just run away ....

    it is a $3K USD bike .....
    it is a winter project if you want one
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    Agree you are right to be wary of timing belts. I wouldn't expect to make money on the project.

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    Timing belts for sure. I wouldn't try to start it without replacing them first. Not a terribly difficult job.
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    I think you might be surprised that it will be in better condition that you think.
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