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Thread: Scotch Chalkboard tape - for mirrors

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    Scotch Chalkboard tape - for mirrors

    Hi.. just passing along a tip of something I found today.
    The mirror stems on my 2016 RSV4 seem prone to nicks more than anything else.

    Today I came across this "chalkboard" (removable ) tape made by Scotch that is almost the same identical color as the mirror posts on the bike.

    I cut to shape four pieces and placed them along the leading edge of the stems, where the nicks appeared most often.

    It matches so well that I was having a hard time taking a photo where you could see the tape. I had to put a light on it so you could see it.
    It was about $7 at a local closet organizing store.

    No more nicks !!

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    great find. thanks for sharing.
    how well does that tape pull up?

    my mirrors are taking shots, but it's my matte fairings that are looking awful and bumming me out. i did a quick experiment with Plasti Dip since it's too late for the fairing film. the Black is monochromatic, so doesn't match the subtle metallic of the Aprilia color. but i found that Plasti Dip Clear Matte blends very well and even helps hide the chips that are already there!

    my only issue with it is the spray can version: though it worked great in the small test patches, it did not lay down smooth over the entire panel for me. since i had the panel laying horizontal rather than hung vertical, i think it was drying too fast and caused the overspray to build up across the middle of the fairing. though i got great results on the leading edge of the panel, this gave some of it a texture along with a slightly opaque appearance. so, i need to experiment a little more with my method/technique (i.e. vertical). taping-off and spraying smaller sections helps to get an almost invisible finish. however, i found pulling the tape up can slightly lift the Plasti Dip, making the edge noticeable with the Clear Matte only. i also have some paint guns i used for boat gelcoat that should lay it down wetter if i buy it by the can.
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    Very cool tip!

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    Awesome idea. I got sprayed by stones coming out of a roadworks area and it kills me seeing the chips on my mirror arms. Will head out this weekend to get the tape lol
    Thanks mate.
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    The tape peals off easily. It is "removable" tape, as it says on the box. No residue or paint damage.

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    Thx man..

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    Okay, how did you get the tape to stick?

    I bought a roll, cut some pieces......didn't prep the surface.....and naturally they peeled off by the next morning

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    prep surface with rubbing alcohol....

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