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Thread: 250ie/300 preferred clutch setup??

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    250ie/300 preferred clutch setup??

    Looks like my low mile 250ie may need a clutch or maybe better springs.
    Its just a stock motor with a 9 weight variator with matching spring and the clutch likes to "stick". Sometimes it will disengage under 15mph when coasting... sometimes not. I like the free wheel feeling when not on the gas. I assume the springs get fatigued? Any way to measure or benchmark? Or could it be the original drive belt is bad? Last time I serviced it the belt had no signs of wear or fatigue (frayed fibers)also I beveled the clutch pads and resurfaced the bell.
    Do heavier springs change engagement RPMs?

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    mines fuel injected so its not the pilot or main...hehe.

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