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Thread: Waiting to pick up my new 2016 RSV4 RF

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    Waiting to pick up my new 2016 RSV4 RF

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here, and I am pretty excited about picking up my new RF. I purchased the bike while on deployment, so I haven't even seen it yet.

    Is there anything you wish you knew about the RF when you first bought it?

    What frame sliders and other general protection should I get?

    Anything I should get for the bike that isn't really obvious?

    Any information is greatly appreciated and I look forward to learning a lot on this forum!

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    Welcome...and thanks for your service.

    I would take a bit of time, have a seat in your favorite chair, order a pizza, and use the search function...Anything and everything you wanna know is at your fingertips. I registered here a few months before I bought my Aprilias. And i'm still learning something everyday.

    Oh, the ONE thing you'll wish you knew abouut the RF when you first bought it'll wish you had bought it sooner!

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    I am a Ducati guy having owned a M696, M1100S, SF 1098S, and 916. I just bought my first ape and it is such a different bike than any of the Ducs I've owned. The power delivery of the RSV4 RF is so smooth and the bike is surprisingly easy to ride. I bought frame sliders and rad guard for my "needed list". For my "want list" I bought a Motobox fender eliminator/integrated light kit and a SC Project GP-70 exhaust. You're going to love your ape!

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