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Thread: How do you rate the Monster 796?

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    How do you rate the Monster 796?

    There's a fellow in my neighborhood selling a 2011 768 Monster with ABS.

    How do you guys like this bike, how much trouble does this engine give? It needs the valves adjusted every 7500 miles, right? I imagine that's a bit costly...


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    I think I've answered my own question. The specs I've found show 87 HP, which isn't quite what I'm looking for.

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    How do you rate the Monster 796?

    What are you looking for ? Vtwins have more torque and grunt down low but not the high top end pull. I have a ducati monster 900 with about 78 hp. It's plenty of fun in twisties and stop and go. If you want track days or top end speed then you'll probably be disappointed but average day riding it will probably beat the Aprilia till your above he legal speed limit.

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    If your still considering,

    I own a 796 and feel it is a great around town bike. Power/Torque is perfect for short blasts and it's very fun cracking the throttle open and hearing that twin roar. Rev-matching downshifts played a major role in me deciding not to sell mine. With Termi's it just sounds so brutal.

    The 7500 mile service costs me ~$800.

    Sometimes a superbike feels like overkill if I'm running to the store to get bread. The Monster is perfect for something like that. Also it's very light so it's easy to move around the garage and the 90 hp goes a long way.

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