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Thread: Best initial track day moods

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    ^Easy mang! Hell I wasn't even told the story. I know you safety wire everything thoroughly.
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    Haha! No worries Ken. That did suck though.

    The first time I laid oil on the track was at CMP. Lowside in T1 and ground through the casing, dumping oil. Ever since then, I run case guards.
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    I didn't have any kind of protection on my pristine Tuono until now....I dropped it doing 10mph and scuffed it to the tune of $1000. After replacing all the damaged parts I ordered the frame and axle sliders from Woodcraft. They aren't pretty, very industrial looking BUT the quality is awesome, parts are available everywhere, reasonably priced and from what I read on the internet very durable and crash worthy. They are engineered for racing and the axle sliders don't need removal for wheel removal. I'm a changed man....function before fashion....
    Next thing on the list will be exhaust pipe and belly pan protection. Those Factory belly pans are very hard to come by.
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    Great thread! Iím considering and RSV4 or a 675R as track bikes and the amount of info here is impressive!

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