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Thread: sprag clutch and alternator problems

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    sprag clutch and alternator problems

    Hi guys,

    Some time ago my Falco started making some unusual starting sounds that I believed to be a worn sprag clutch.
    As long as it was well charged, it started reasonably fine, so I planned to renew it "some day".

    A few weeks later my bike died while on a trip. After some troubleshooting, it seemed the battery didn't get charged anymore. I hoped it was the rectifier, or the brown connector, but the ohm-meter was conclusive: it was the alternator.

    Ah well, I needed to do the sprag anyway, so lets get to it. This is what I found:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It looks like one of the 3 bolts holding the sprag unit to the flywheel has broken off, and demolished everything it could reach. Furthermore the other 2 bolts were loose in their holes..

    So now I need a new flywheel and stator.

    Enough complaining, now for a question: the contact surfaces from the sprag clutch both look like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WP_20161031_01_44_57_Pro.jpg 
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    Looks worn on first sight, but when I rub it, I don't feel any roughness. What would you guys think: replace or reinstall?

    Thanks a lot for the help, and should you happen to have a alternator-sprag unit lying around, pm me!

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    I would replace it. You would hate to replace all the other parts and have that be the cause of a failure. I think they are around 80 USD.

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