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Thread: Seat Release without cable release

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    Seat Release without cable release

    Ok, so I'm having a bit of a bad run with luck at the moment.
    My tail tidy broke and the seat release cable and key barrel have snapped and fallen off.
    any ideas on how to release the seat??

    Thank you for any ideas

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    I rate try bending a bit of a welding rod to a small hook at the end and you going to have to force it into the that gap at the back and try hook and pull that little leaver to release the seat, should be possible with some strong wire but welding rods are super strong so they dont bend easily when you get them into small areas.

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    My original seat release has broken and I can remove the seat...
    I removed as many screws as possible on the tail and som parts fell out, a spring, screw and washer.
    I tried to get hold of the release cable but was not able to make it yet.
    But I saw in the service station manual that the release is towards the front and maybe I can manage to get thin piece metal from underneath and release the seat that way.

    Anyone that has any advice how to release the seat when the release lock is broken ?

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