Hi all,

I have done all electrical/starting issue mods so far except this one. Brown connector, charging mode, yamaha starter solenoid - all done.

This week I decided to open the white connector to check it. Voltage on the dash was so far 13.0 - 13.4 [V] at idle.

What I saw is no surprise. Yellow cable terminals fried. So today I cracked open both connectors, put new terminals on, checked resistance of each connection (<2 [Ohm]). Each connection is protected with separate heat shrink.

I started the bike and... The dash shows 12.3-12.6 [V]! WTF?!? I checked voltage on the battery, at first 13.85 [V] so not bad. After the bike got to the working temperature it dropped to 12.0 [V]. The dash shows same values as on start. Once again... WTF ?!?!

Engine off and dash 11.8 [V] on battery same value 11.8 [V]. What is wrong??

(RSV is a great bike but the electrical/starting issue make me sometimes want to toss it away! damn!)