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Thread: Should Aprilia make a new sport tourer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmac View Post
    A Tuono 1100 GT would be fantastic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micah / AF1 Racing View Post
    imagine if Aprilia put real resources into say a 500cc super light sport and naked bike....
    Hnnnnngggggggggg want.
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    All Aprilia has to do is add a larger gas tank, a different seat, a windscreen, and some luggage racks to the Dorsoduro 1200. Then Aprilia would have distance, comfort, and soul all in one bike! : )
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    Just bought a '03 Capo with <16K on it in August. My former motorcycle Nazi wife (she loves her CanAm Spyder now but was anti bike for years) and I are now doing Rallies up here in the Northwest. Average travel out is about 300 miles making it a 1K weekend. My youngest son has owned two Futuras (THE ultimate sport tourer!) and a Tuono and the Futura is hands down the best ST ever made. Just the seat alone makes it better than anything else. But in looking for a tour bike the one thing I noticed was the over weight nature of the ST's out there. The Futura is light as a feather compared to most of the almost 700lbs competition. 113 RWHP is very doable on the Futura.
    That being said.... The Capo is a bit tall but @ <550 lbs with 6.6 gallons of gas (averaging 40+mpg) it is pretty light by today's standard. It is upright seating and with the taller wind screen and beak out front 80 mph travel is quite comfortable. I added Rox risers to the bars to move them 1" up and 1" back for my 6' - 3" frame. If you are touring the 10 minutes you spend rapping up to pass traffic are far less important than the 10 hour slog through the rain. Riding 500 miles and getting off the bike with no aches is priceless. Weekend road shootouts, Tuono is king. but trod the open road for 1500 miles in three days and comfort is king. The best part I like about my "03 Capo is the lack of bump steer on rough corners. most bikes wobble a bit when the pot holes occupy the turns but the Capo stays on a true track with no change in attitude. That speaks a lot about Aprilia's engineered geometry on the Capo.
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    The Caponord is all you're going to get from them. I think the low sales of the Futura left a bad taste in their mouth. The Futura was the best sport tourer ever, IMHO. I may never part with mine.
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    I had a Futura and agree it was/is the best of the traditional ST bikes, it is certainly my favourite bike of all time so far. But as you get older (in my case anyway) the bars of such bikes are just too low and the pegs too high. So now I have a 1200 Caponord, easily the most comfortable bike I've owned.

    I don't find the styling anywhere near as appealing as the Futura though, or any bikes of the same genre for that matter (VFR, Triumph Sprint etc). I used to spend time in the garage just looking at the Futura, don't do that much with the Capo.

    The adventure life style thing is mostly a turn off for me as I will never take my Capo off road. It's a bit like wearing your underpants on the outside (something it seems GS owners love doing - each to their own). It has to be said that the Capo does at least look a bit more road orientated and sleeker than a GS or KTM but not as nice as a Multistrada. The Rally is a blatant attempt to mimic the GS style and as such is less attractive to me than the original concept. Aprilia are dreaming if they think they can steal many GS customers, they should go their own way and offer something different.

    I would love to see a new properly ST styled bike with the same sort of ergos as the Caponord for both rider and passenger. New bikes like the KTM 1290 GT look great but are still cramped by comparison. The MV Tourismo 800 is good for the rider but pretty limited with a passenger, and the engine is a bit so-so, the styling though is outstanding.

    With Aprilias history of making great looking bikes I'm sure they could design a really sleek new Caponord or Futura. Bring on the V4!

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    Capo 1100 V4 please.

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    now that the capo is no longer euro emissions compliant maybe they will do a v4 capo-style bike.

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    Nope. Aprilia should make a 500cc V4 2-stroke trackbike.
    With a lighting coil.

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    The caponord was a big step back from their svelte and sexy dursodoro 1200.and damn it to hell w the eu and their bs agenda 21 environmental laws

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    I own a RSV4 and a Multi1200. Oh how I wish for the comfort and all-round capability of a Multi but with a V4. And not the 1000cc. The 1100 would be needed especially for carrying passenger and luggage.

    Fuel consumption would be the major consideration. A tourer needs no less than 180mi range when "on it".

    The Durso doesn't cut it b/c of the exhaust will damage/melt the luggage & bags.

    The Capo needs a V4 to set it apart from the crowd. If you want a twin cylinder bike, most ppl choose the Multi.

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    I also would love to see a new properly ST styled bike with the same sort of ergos as the Caponord for both rider and passenger.

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    I have a KTM 1190A, and am looking to add either a V4T or 1290 Superduke GT: but a V4 "Futura" with a bit more upright ergos would be a no-brainer for me. I like the Capo a lot (I have quite a bit of Aprilia experience), but I like the 1190A more, and for a sport-tourer prefer a 17/17 wheel setup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Boss View Post
    Nope. Aprilia should make a 500cc V4 2-stroke trackbike.
    With a lighting coil.
    I would love a V4 two stroke, any size 500 up, preferably around the 750 - 800 mark.

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    An 1100 V4 Futura would be amazing, especially if they used the seat from the original Futura. That's about the most comfortable seat in the history of motorcycles isn't it?
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