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Thread: 2009 engine light on and no start

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    2009 engine light on and no start

    Purchased a used 2009 MP3 500 4 days ago and with roughly 350 miles on it. Put another hundred on in 2 days then drove it home, another 350 miles. No problems during the ride. Filled the gas tank every time it was half full. Mistakenly used a high octane gas (noticed the tag under my seat mentioned low octane). Stopped for dinner close to home and the bike wouldn't start. i noticed the service engine light on the dash displayed.

    Here is a video of the lights,

    Any idea what this could possible be? I don't have any dealerships close to run tests....

    Any help or direction would be appreciated.

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    pull out the spark plug put a new one in, i saw them fail often in a way that they unscrew itself half way or the spark plug boot is faulty

    the engine should fire on the high octain gas, i did run 100 octane RON (even they say to use 95RON) never had a problem with that.
    remove the air filter and try to turn it on without the filter with throttle open (if you flooded the engine with trying to start it)

    check if there is spark from the spark plug boot first and put a new plug in

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    saw the video, battery didn't sound all the stout trying to start the motor.

    What did you do to solve the problem?

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    That engine fault has nothing to do with the higher octane fuel. You need to make sure that your battery is fully charged. If you leave the Piaggio too long with it's front two wheels locked the battery power is being used to keep the bike suspension locked. Overtime this causes the battery to drain. If you get on the MP3 and the front wheel lock is glowing amber and the check engine light is on when you try to start the bake, steady the bike with your legs and release the wheel lock (this will take the load off the battery). Then while holding the brakes and seated on the scooter make sure the key is in the "on" position and the engine kill switch is in the "On" position. Then press the starter button and it should start if the battery is charged enough. Store the MP3 on the center stand when leaving the bike for longer than a couple hours, otherwise a weak battery results and the scooter will not start.

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    Higher octane will help keep the valves in better condition too. Some may be surprised how many much it can reduce the need for valve adjustments.

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    battery does sound a bit weak.
    high octane is what is recommended normally 91 to 93
    I would change the plugs (2) service the air filter and with that mileage I saw on the video do a oil and filter change.
    Then I would add some star-tron fuel additive.

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