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Thread: Bellagio mapping and shock length.

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    Update, 20 000km service done with new mark 2 map installed by Michael at MotoModa and all is well.
    Gone is the hesitation on startup and cold running, I believe that the new map has 3ms more fuel at the bottom end? (Pete to confirm.)
    The engine feels 'strong' for want of a better description, starts and idles well and doesnt have any flat spots that I can detect.
    Plugs a good tan color and I can get a theoretical 345km on 19 litres of fuel highway cycle.

    Thanks for reading, Chris.

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    Just tweaked the CO trim to +3. Each point adds 100 microseconds of pulse width across the entire map so while it cam make a considerable difference at idle and small throttle openings at wider openings? Not so much.

    Professional Goat Burster.

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