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Thread: Cagiva MV

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    Cagiva MV

    I saw the 650 V featured in Cagiva Ducatti post, nice looking bike

    but technically this is a Cagiva/ MV hence a seperate post.

    After writing off my Aprilia Futura(and not me) I used the insurance settlement toward this Cagiva Raptor, (not the V with the strange horns) .

    I fancied one since chatting to the owner of one last year at a Wednesday Evening Village Green meet.
    He was somewhat incensed that the 250 Skyteam I went on, that evening, was a Chinese Suzuki Van Van "rip off",but also called V Raptor.

    The Futura wouldnt start as the battery was shot however the cheap and cheery Van Van with its Honda engine copy starts on the button and has one of the slickest gear boxes since my Suzi GT185 way back in the day,that the last bike I had an accident on(two in fact in quick succession so the right leg matches the left now.(thanks to 4 wheelers)
    Have to say as predicted the gearbox on the Cagiva is nicer than the clunky Ape ones( which may have contributed to my off, however mustnt blame the tools)despite the Mille's quick shifter.

    Always loved MVs but have a number of bikes and this seemed an ideal compromise, like a Jap engine in a frame designed by a former Ducatti employee poached I believe by MV.

    Also a more upright riding stance.

    Despite a damaged knee I went for this one, and a mate who said you only live once go for it(and keeps on about having my Mille but his wife wont let him), came with me to help load it onto my bike trailer, and if necessary drive, but I managed OK.
    So the downsizing plan both in numbers and bike size, went out the window albeit its a case of status quo, one out one in .

    The insurance BWiser fair enough added a bit to the premium on my Mille, due to my claiming through Bennetts apro po the Fut( who wasted no time bumping up the premium on my Aprilia Atlantic 500, nearly as much as my Aprila VTwin, but the former gave me a great deal adding the Cagiva on.
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    I followed the link to the pictures of your bikes. Interesting collection even though I didn't recognize many of them.

    - Tim

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