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Thread: Can Polaris save MV?

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    Can Polaris save MV?

    I'm not sure anybody can save MV...

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    probably not with out getting enough stock to gain control, that being said who even new the name 10 years ago and now EVERYBODY knows about polaris, indian and victory. they seem to have some sharp people running things. But i'll bet you they wont jump in unless they can get control. My track buddy with a 675 f3 sure hopes so. Unfortunately the family seems to be gifted in bike building, but like many great artists they suck at finances, hell most of them even end up hiring s...ty accounts

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    Harley failed because they did not care.

    Polaris has the funds to help the brand succeed, but they will need to control things more and not let the same fool run it into the ground more.
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    Harley had/has no idea how to market and sell anything other than their particular flavor of cruiser. The acquisition to me from the start seemed like executives saying "we have to buy something to show we can grow this company."

    As for Polaris being the savior I have my doubts, although they have done very well finally bringing Indian back from the dead. If I had my pick of AMG or Polaris running the show I would probably go with AMG. Maybe Castiglioni the Younger knows something we don't about AMG's competency though.

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