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Dirt rider.
Have the scars to prove it.
This is the reason why I did Race Academy (Only GP tracks in Europe) where I've learned the basics to go around faster and safer! Even now when I’m a more experienced racer I still have an advantage because of the basics I’ve learned!

Racecraft is a part experience and part natural "talent". A big part I've learned racing with my old RSV Mille R from 2000 between modern 1000cc 4 cilinders. Every straight they just blasted by doing the same laptimes as I did, so you need to ride smart. Plan an overtake where they can’t directly counter. Especially when your down on power you need to set-up a corner before you want to do the actual overtake. You can also but pressure on him/her and fake overtakes to have them make mistakes. Lat but not least, be sure not to stay on the tail of the one you’re chasing, maximum 2 laps because then you know where they are slower/faster.

I have some friends who don’t race but they have similar pace, the difference between them and the friends who (use to) race is we can make a pass easier and safer also on a standard track day.

Racing made me a faster and safer driver and it’s great fun!