Hi all,

I'm an customer and a loyal fan of Piaggio. Now i'm using a Piaggio Vespa LX which was imported from Italy (Because i'm living in Vietnam).

It's easy to see Piaggio's scooters on the streets in Vietnam because people here love Piaggio.

In Vietnam market, Piaggio has the following models for customers (both men and women).

  • Liberty: This is one of the most favourite scooters of Vietnamese young people.
  • Zip: The model for women
  • Vespa: A well-known model all over the world.
  • Medley: A new model for me and i've never used them.

Nowadays, Piaggio has their own factory in Vietnam? so we can buy the products made here.

SO what about your country? How many models of Piaggio's scooters in your country? And what are they?