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Thread: Height restrictions for RS250 track bike

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    Height restrictions for RS250 track bike

    Hello all, I have a RSVR but I wanted to get the art of cornering well down. I figured I may as well buy a less powered bike so I can learn properly. I have sat on an RS250 and although small It might be fun on the track.

    I am 6' 3" and 15 stone. Am I talking crap or are any at a similar height/weight to me ?

    I won't bother with a 400 if I can't get the 250, I'll go for a 600 and totally strip it.

    I would prefer to get the RS250, you know how it is, keeping it Aprilia and that.


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    large white man

    i'm 6'3" and 185#, which is some 13 and a quarter of your stones. i may not be the fastest guy around, but i don't suck, either. read on my racing webpages:


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    redline king

    how to become a gp rider?

    how do you do it
    i mean is there talent scouts or something?
    id desparatly like to know how to start any replys welcome!

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    Re: how to become a gp rider?


    It's what life is all about.

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