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Thread: Anyone here still following Benelli?

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    Just saw there is a 2008 Trek for sale on CL in L.A.

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    Just got on this forum, Aprilia owner again having just sold my MV but before that I had a Benelli Tornado Tre

    Amazing character...but I can honestly say a very delicate bike to say the least. I have some funny pictures of me at the IOM with an elastic band being used to return my gear lever and mastic glue holding the oil from blowing out over the plug caps

    I also had all the Z25 issues, dash resets, stalling, warped disc etc

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    I still have my Benelli TNT Cafe Racer. She's pretty to look at and so fun to ride, when she runs. That's the main issue. I had to put an afr on it to keep fueling in check, as no tune delievered by dealers or the factory did well. I was consuming at at rate of 27mpg US and always smelled like exhaust. Removed the air flaps, exhaust flange and cat. Swapped with a proper injector and redid all of my wiring to the starter and ground points. Now I am suffering a fuel leak of some sort and can't get the bike to start again. Before it would just drain the battery constantly.
    It's always something. The goal i have is to put a triumph engine in it or find a way to make the original benelli engine work.

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    The R160 engine is great. It is the fuel injection system that is somewhat crude. I just (as if the word "just" makes everything easier) need to fiddle with the air intake temp sensor so it does not misbehave in hot weather.
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    So Harley Davidson are thought to be preparing to use a Benelli as a basis for a small bike.

    Aside from the obvious implications of a "Made in China" Harley (which won't matter one iota in China, India etc.), what I find interesting is the degree to which these parallel twins are being mixed and matched. Benelli / QJ already have a 300, a 400 and a 500 cc variant (the 750 is a separate architecture), and now QJ are rumoured to be making another hybrid for the HD bike at 338 cc.

    In fact, only the 300 has a different bore from the other three (two, plus one presumed), maybe it will also get a bump to displacement at the same time the HD version is unveiled? But still, three different cranks, for "low cost" machines...
    Also, will the HD bike keep the 360 phasing of Benelli's small twins? Or will they ape the vaunted Nuda and adopt a Harley-like 45 (315 / 405) crank?

    I wonder if any of these dimensions will make their way into a new four cylinder engine, since the original 300 twin is derived from the BN600 / TNT600 motor.
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    So right, the small italian factoriesa re the ones that built the memorable bikes in the first place! laverda RGS 1000 triple would be nice
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    Well i have a Benelli Tornado 900 and when i first bought it new 2009 i had a few issues ( clocks and paint peel ) within warranty and all fixed under warranty, since then it runs great, like most italian bikes you have to find someone who knows about the brand ( Bennetts of Barnsley ) and get it serviced regularly, i have just parted out a Benelli Tre-k 1130 which i had no problems ( went to I O M ) a few times on it, superb engine and great to ride so i hope the Capanord gives me a few years of trouble free riding. As for the chinese made units ok i am not the biggest fan but they seem to be selling quite well ( TNT 125 and Trk 502 ) we will have to see.
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