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Thread: 2007 MP3 400 - I need new QUIET exhaust

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    2007 MP3 400 - I need new QUIET exhaust


    My 2007 MP3 400 has only about 10,000 miles and is in good order.
    I am no expert but it seems that the internal baffle in the exhaust is "broken" so the exhaust is noisy at certain revs'

    I am very fussy about my exhaust noise. I need QUIET as possible. A smooth purr - definitely not a roar!

    What exhaust should I buy?
    I have seen reviews of "akrapovic"? Or it there an original piaggio one. - I need quietness!

    All views appreciated.

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    the quietest is the original one
    so get a used or new original exhaust

    akrapovic and others are performance exhaust systems that bring sound with themselve

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