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Thread: Bats ReStoration 50 Named "Marco"

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    miami, usa
    thanks for the link on the rear rotor, I'll ad that to the wish list that never ends lol
    1999 RS 50

    Stock engine, stock pipe, giannelli can

    Dellorto PHBG 17mm AS carburetor
    atomizer = 262 AU
    main jet = 86
    idle jet = 52
    starter jet = 60
    float = gr .4
    needle = W7
    slide = 40

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    Updates on Marco nearing completion!
    Got the old beat up graphics off, primed and painted in one day. New graphics in a few.
    Bike runs awesome and everything works great.

    Jenius Biker Blog

    Current: RS250³,Newd, TT, Max, Nastro, Bangkok, 85 ADV

    Past:Versys, Typhoon, NCXD, RC390², Madass, PW50, KTM BR 65, Aprilia BR50, Aprilia RS125², DRD, WR250X, Derbi SM⁷, Aprilia RS50¹⁰, Derbi GPR³, Aprilia RS250², Mito², NSR50², NS50, HRC RS125, HRC RS80, YSR63 (1st 2stroke!), FZ600, KLR250(1st Bike!)

    I Need Parts!

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    awesome lol

    Get your confidence back with Aprilia.

    caution: the use of motorcycles may be habit forming. side effects include purchasing multiple examples of the same bike, in different states of tune, different years, or different models altogether. some motorcycles may be not running when purchased. some parts are no longer available. there are rare instances where aprilias are bought over the internet and upon arrival, they are not as were originally disclosed. there is a small group of people who cannot handle two stroke engines and motorcycle maintenance. if this is the case, you may not be a candidate for Aprilia RS250's.

    Aprilia. Ask your doctor if the RS250 is right for you.

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