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Thread: XTR Pepo Laverda

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    XTR Pepo Laverda

    What do you think SF2Diehard ?

    Name:  XTR-Pepo-Monty-Laverda-500-Alpino-05.jpg
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    Name:  XTR-Pepo-Monty-Laverda-500-Alpino-01.jpg
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    I like it.
    A friend of mine, who doesn't ride, pointed out to me recently that he liked the look of motorcycles were he could see through the bike.
    This one certainly has that.
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    I saw those pics the other day....very, very nice.

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    I woke up after I finally got internet/tv service in my new apt in Van Nuys.

    That bike is HOT.
    It will probably last longer with the 500 engine.
    The 1999 750cc engines would fit too but you would HAVE to make sure they had good crank bearings first.
    That bike would sure be fun to ride and would sure get a lot of envy at Newcombs/Alice's.
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