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Thread: RSV4-RF v R1-M

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    Quote Originally Posted by rsnet View Post
    Dynojet machines flatter all bikes power outputs, and change drastically with air temps and hygromètres at that given time.

    On track,and 9/10 the jap bikes are in front, and in Europeanbike it’s the BM on top,

    the Aprilia is soo forgiving in how it makes average riders appear better, in Endurance racing there’s less effort to get good results out of it,

    to to be really objective you need to ride every offering, and then each will choose to taste
    I also owned both an RSV4 and R1M, they're very close on just about everything except R1 is more uncomfortable and for me needed a bar change (just straight without the angle) whereas the RSV4 was OK, I feel the RSV4 is better straight out of the box and the R1M 'must' have an ecu flash to compete just on the road.

    RSV4 is also nicer finished, R1M rear caliper/lines/rearsets are 'orrible

    I do like the front of the R1M though over the RSV4, whether its' just my tyre choice of RS10 (F) and S21 (R) I'm not sure, I also find myself going quicker on the R1M, that might just be wind protection though, I also prefer the X Plane exhaust noise to the V4, but only standardish, R1M gets very, very loud with link pipe and short can, that loud that the X Plane sound just dissapears

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    I find I ride the R1M faster on the road ... for some reason it just doesn't like going slow ! (sorry officer!)
    the RSV4 (2017) can be ridden 'nicely' and at fairly sensible speeds (sometimes!)

    Power is really irrelevant with the new 1000's, they all make more than enough !

    I had a 2012 ZX10R which was a really good bike and comfortable but not exciting, ridden all the newer stuff including the new GSXR, new 2020 BMW, New honda fire blade SP1, and the Ducati 959 / 1199 / 1299 all horrible but the new Ducati V4 ... now that is a bike ! has had a lot of problems with recalls but its the only other bike I want in my garage right now - RSV4, R1M & Duc V4 are my favourites :-)

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