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Thread: Vespa GTS250 - installation of ABS

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    Vespa GTS250 - installation of ABS

    Hi guys!

    I am installing ABS on my 2010 Vespa GTS250.

    Here are my threads on modernvespa:
    and on Moscow Vespa Club forum:

    I have got and already installed these spare parts:
    ABS wiring
    ABS modulator
    brake lines kit
    digital Clock with ABS warning light
    speed sensor
    speed sensor disk
    front brake cylinder

    And now I face some problems.

    Tha main questions are:
    - is it necessary to change ECU for a possibility to function of the ABS modulator?
    - is it possible to test the modulator pump (is it broken or not) separately (without connection to Vespa wiring)?
    - what is the purpose of these sockets:

    I hope that I will find answrs on this forum


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    From part numbers it appears to me the ECU for the motor is different between the ABS and non ABS bikes. This makes sense as data from both wheel speed encoder rings would have to be fed to a location? I know of nobody that has tried such a conversion and I surely have never tried such a job, you are a pioneer in the field.
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    Hi, Micah!
    Thank you for your reply.
    According to parts list, ECU are the same

    The question is: when Vespa is started for the first time (brand new from the shop I mean) with new ECU, ECU automatically checks, whether Vespa has ABS modulator or no and saves this setup in its internal memory and then works by this scheme.
    Can this decision be a true?

    on GTS250ABS only one ring speed ring is installed.

    If I unplug ECU socket and connect Diagnosis tester to ABS, it also shows the diagnostic info... So it shows that ABS modulator have to function without ECU.

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