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Thread: Forum rules for the Ditech section.

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    Forum rules for the Ditech section.

    As the primary moderator for the Ditech forum I want to ask that you please read the forum rules again if you have not lately or at all, see rules below.

    I am undoubtedly the strictest (grammer) moderator AF1 has. That is because this section has the largest teenage population and many mom's and dad's using it to get help with their child's SR50. If you cannot get your point across without profanity, don't post or it may not make any sense after I clean it up.

    I want to reiterate 2 items that have been an issue lately.

    1. Before you post a new question please use the search feature. I can't think of too many question that I haven't answered over and over again. You will be hard pressed today to find anything that has not been answered. The SR50 Ditech has been in production for 15 years.

    2. If you have something to sell, trade or need a part for your SR50, post it in the appropriate for sale / wanted section. I know a lot of members never go there until they need something but that's the point. Something the forum is very strict about is unsolicited spamming of members through pm to sell something. A recent example is a member looking to upgrade his SR50 and listing what he plans to do. A member pm's this person telling them they have items they're looking for. Those same people rarely post anything beneficial to the forum and are using the site to spam owners. If you know of someone that has something for sale or offers a service and you PM them that is ok but I suggest you exchange emails to complete your discussion. If you get any unsolicited pm's like this, please contact me and I will report it to the owners.


    1. Try to use as proper English as possible, because not all participants are from English speaking countries. Unclear written english can cause those people some difficulties in understanding the intentions of the author.

    2. Do not use all capital letters because it is impolite.

    3. Do not post ads in any thread other than Buying/Selling. The consequence of not doing so will be move of the post and receive of a warning. Any additional inappropriate posting and/or cross posting will result in a ban and violator’s posts will be deleted.

    4. Use search engine before starting a new thread or posting a question.

    5. Try to appreciate opinions from others and always discuss with others in a manner that bridges difference. Flaming, Trolling or just Harassing another member will result is a suspension

    6. Try to support your opinion with an argument.

    7. Try to make thread titles (headlines) as representative of the contents as possible for ease of search.

    8. If something is not directly related to the topic or a motorcycle theme post it under DiTech posse chit chat. In other words STAY ON TOPIC!

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