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Thread: Stainless steel bolts

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    Stainless steel bolts

    Hi I'm looking into replacing some of the non-load bearing OEM bolts with stainless ones. Has to be A316 quality (A4 it's called). I don't want to pay Pro Bolt prices though.

    It's difficult to find Flanged Hexagon bolts in A316 though. I found this place on Ebay UK (I'm from the Netherlands). I'm wondering if anyone has experience in dealing with them.

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    know I will get flamed for this, but ive used A2-70 on both the future & Falco, without issue.
    Your bike, its up to you but I cant believe 10+ year old corroded original bolts are better than new stainless whatever grade
    Just my 2p worth
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    Oh it's got to be a316 (AKA A4) for sure. Haven't figured out the thread specs though (fine, metric blabla etc).

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    Old thread, but just for the record, A2 stainless is more than adequate for motorbike bolts. A4 (A316) is marine grade, which is ideal if you want to immerse your bike in the sea... but that will wreck your bike anyway... even though the bolts will still be corrosion free!!

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    A2...A4, that's just the corrosion resistance grade of SS. More important is the -70, -80 digits, as these indicate the tensile strength of the metal.
    Dependent on where you're fitting the fastener, I'd say this is the number you should be thinking about.
    A4-80 is equivalent to 8.8 carbon steel, tensile strength wise...remember all the Jap bikes of old that had 8.8 embossed on their bolt heads?

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    My bolts are mostly a4-70. Have a hard time finding 80. I believe even Pro-Bolt is grade a4-70.

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    That's because, generally, Stainless steel is not as strong as Carbon steel.
    Jap bikes suck.

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    <Item value="Right Heated Seat Low Indicator Control Circuit Low" name="B1221"/>

    <Item value="Right Heated Seat High Indicator Control Circuit Low" name="B1219"/>

    <Item value="Left Heated Seat Low Indicator Control Circuit Low" name="B1215"/>

    <Item value="Left Heated Seat High Indicator Control Circuit Low" name="B120D"/>

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    <Item value="Lost Communication With Sunroof Control Module - Active" name="U0169"/>



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    Quote Originally Posted by Yzf600r View Post
    My bolts are mostly a4-70. Have a hard time finding 80. I believe even Pro-Bolt is grade a4-70.
    Westfield Fasteners (UK) supply A4-80 spec stainless fasteners in most sizes, but not 10mm x 1.25mm pitch (metric fine), which I was hoping to replace the front brake caliper mounting bolts with. As I'm not happy using -70 for caliper mounts, I'll buy new original bolts.

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