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Thread: Check your rear wheel hub (Factory)

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    Quote Originally Posted by David_HX View Post
    Since you removed / cleaned and retorqued all 10 M6 bolts to 11 FT/lbs. have you inspected them since then / All OK ?
    Yep, pulled the rear wheel off to do winter maintenance and normal oil change, inspections, etc this past December, and they were still tight.
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    I just checked mine on my 2013 Factory with 5800 miles and they were all tight (thank goodness).
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    Was cleaning my chain yesterday and found the rear hub completely loose at 7k miles on my 2010! Yikes. Reinstalled with thread lock.
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    Mine were fine at 4400 miles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaman666 View Post
    I had the wheel off today to change the tire, and found this:

    Four loose bolts, two almost back all the way out and the remaining four were anything but tight.

    No sign of thread lock on any of the bolts.

    The wheel took a bit of damage where the hub has been moving/rubbing. I'm going to talk to the dealer about whether or not the wheel should be replaced.

    Then I bent my No-Mar's bar getting the front tire off. *sigh*
    Thanks for the info. I will have mine checked every time a tire is put on. I also discovered a loose nut on my Tuono while cleaning the chain. The bike has 3,200 miles on it. Appreciate the heads up.

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    Good info, I had a new set of tyres fitted last week and asked the bike shop to check this once the rear wheel was removed. 4 x loose bolts. There was plenty of blue Loctite present. I will check at every tyre change now. Aprilia RSV4 2014, 6,200 kms ( 3,850 miles ).

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    I'll be sure to keep an eye on mine. Thanx!!
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    Attachment 328828This is a solution I came up with for the loose sprocket bolts its a "nord lock" washer and stover nuts, that combined with blue locktight
    the nord lock washers grab the material really well and actually will tighten more if they are backed out and the stover nuts are far better than a nylon nut
    time will tell but im sure I wont have any further issues

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    2016 RSV4 RF, 1300 mile 1st tire change - all the bolts were fine, thankfully

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    After loctiting on my first tyre change, no probs this change. Have gone for the new Michelin's Power RS, in the 200/55 size. Previous Pilot Power 3's had done 4500 miles, and not flattened out. Pleased with them overall.

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    Just checked: 17.500 km and the bolts were all tight
    With kind regards,


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    Everyone I know with an RAV4 or tuono has had this problem, after retorqueing with out thread locker or any other remedy, all have stayed tight

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    When i purchased my 16' rsv4 rf it also had this issue after a week or so of riding but I did notice many parts throughout the bike have slippage marks (torque paint on it). In aviation we do this after torques so we can quickly see if bolts have backed off or not. This particular item is a maintenance item and should be checked regularly. Along with any other slippage marked items in my opinion... hope this helps

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    2015 RSV4 Factory - Purchased and received in June 2016
    2500 miles use
    Lubing chain and identified rattle during rear wheel rotation

    4 of the bolts were completely loose and two were partial
    There was minimal wear around the holes
    Removed and reinstalled with loctite

    This is what the view was when first removing the hub

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1540.jpg 
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ID:	335587

    Thanks for the heads up!

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    Thanks for the heads up shaman. I'll be sure to check mine and everything else now since hearing of this!!!

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