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Thread: Scottoiler vacuum pipe on a Shiver?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frodo View Post
    Well, I answered the second question: there is very little if any vacuum in these tubes and certainly not enough to operate the Scottoiler.
    Use the same connection on the Futura for a V-type scottoiler, works great with a T-connector to keep a line for the throttle balancingnavailable.I used a scottoiler with damper function to dampen the vacuum pulses a bit generated by the engine.

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    Just a quick thumbs up in support of the Tutoro system mentioned earlier in the thread. Never got around to fitting it to the Shiver (used Scottoiler's electronic system which was expensive and annoyingly inefficient in equal amounts), but put it on the Grom from new and it works as well as any vacuum-operated Scottoiler with none of the fitting queries as it works purely on motion.
    Very precise oiling and pretty much fit-and-forget, except for the odd refill.

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