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Thread: Seat refoaming etc.

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    Seat refoaming etc.

    Does anyone one else get numbness in the gentlemans area after half an hour or so of riding, or is it just me. I have bought the factory gel seat which arrived last week went for a ride about 1.5 hours long on the weekend and it was better, the only down side is it lowers the seat height a bit. Im 190cm tall so like the tall seat. Was thinking of getting the original seat refoamed or something anyone had any success in this area.

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    Look for my Renazco seat thread. It really works well for long rides.
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    Simple solution for the DD seat comfort problem. Stop every half hour !! The seats are a nightmare for comfort. I had nearly 4 1/2 hours on one riding to the TT. Saved having a vasectomy and I'm now called Louise !
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    I read one test rider who described the seat as "like wearing a metal thong".Since you don't have a problem with how tall the seat is any auto upholsterer should be able to make you a seat you could tour on all day in comfort.It's not just you. I get the same thing.I haven't lost anything yet but so no bearded lady syndrome but I have come home real tingly a few times.The longer rides on smooth roads seem the worse.The front end can beat you up on bumpy roads add a few K of turns and I guess it keeps the blood flowing.My fix is more stops for coffee which also gives me a chance to show of the bike...
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