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Thread: '75 Laverda 1000 3C

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    '75 Laverda 1000 3C

    Hello all, as my username states, I'm new to the motorcycling world and was wondering if I could get some information on a bike I'm interested in. The 1975 Laverda 1000 3C definitely looks like a sweet ride and from what I've read, which is as much I could find online, it sounds just as good. I'm wondering what actual users have to say about it? I would love to hear anything about it since I'm really interested in buying one. The seller says that it's in perfect condition, but I'll still get it checked by a mechanic of course. I welcome all information, thanks!
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    With all due respect if you are a 'New Biker' why in the name of all that's holy would you choose a very large, for its time very powerful, obsolete, rare motorbike with extremely limited parts availability and questionable handling and brakes as your first ride?

    Laverda died in the early nineties, a couple of unsuccessful 'Re-Launches' were attempted but the over-bored twins they produced had a reputation for fragility and the name was eventually bought by Aprilia and now is only a footnote in Piaggio's archive of names.

    Apart from their rarity and the scarcity of spares for the triples they are difficult to jet and their electrical system can best be described as 'Quirky'! Yes, they are a pretty thing and back in the day when I was working on them they were quite the weapon but they are not now and never were a 'Daily Driver'. If you do opt to purchase I hope you have deep pockets. Unless you are happy doing all your work yourself they can be very costly.

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    As pete said, older Italian bikes are indeed quirky and they are eye candy. Actually getting to your destination was considered an unexpected bonus.
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    Pete, thanks for the honest answer! The main reasoning behind my interest is because it was being sold fairly cheap, $3k, and I would like to have a used "inexpensive" bike as my first. I also want to be able to start working on said bike, customizing them myself and then eventually getting to the engine once I've learned enough. Not saying I want a bike that breaks down a lot especially if, like you said, has parts that are hard to come by.. I understand the power behind it is a bit much, especially being inexperienced, but like I stated in my first message I have no relative knowledge on the bike or how it handles. With all of that in mind I think I'll find something less "quirky!", a better handler, and lower on the cc's for my first. Sorry if I wasted your time! Thanks.

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    Not at all. I just think it would of been a shame for you to be disappointed and a greater shame to risk screwing over a nice old Lav.

    If you want inexpensive and easy to learn on why not try a 1980's Guzzi? They are stone-axe simple, easy to work on, ideal to learn on, fun, reliable as an anvil and can be picked up dead cheap. Just do me a favour, if you do buy one please don't turn it into another hipster cafe drone.......

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    Very very cool bike but find a beater to get some experience first.
    There is a Laverda Guru in TX named Scott Potter. If he is near you consult him for finding or working on the old beasts.
    And a Laverda forum -

    I think those old triples are very cool but the old 750 twins are better.

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    With all due respect to the previous comments, Laverdas have always been reliable. I bought my first Laverda in 1980 and rode it for 45K miles. no electrical or otherwise issues.
    I currently own two Laverdas . A 1982 1200 Mirage and a 1975 SF2. Parts are mostly available from Wolfgang in Canada with some exceptions.
    That bike .if it has checked out, is priced exceptionally well. 3C triples usually can go for more than twice the asking price. do check it out to insure it is a good example. At worst, should you decide it is not for you , you should be able to sell it and get all your money back with some extra.
    Also go the Laverda Forum. I am not sure why one would go to an Aprilia forum to ask about a Laverda.

    Also Scott Potter is moving to New Mexico. he may not be very available at this time.
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    Wow unearthing this one. Did you buy the bike? It was a steal at that price! I had a Jota as my second big bike and loved it, very reliable.

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    Having worked on most of the major Italian bikes, I must say the Laverda triples were pretty much trouble free. Absolutely insane not to buy the thing for a mere $3000. I hated the twins, though. Kinda like an Italian Norton, but they vibrated much worse.

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    Yup, to get a perfect Laverda for $3k is an unbelievable bargain - buy it and keep it for future sunny-Sunday use after you've gained more experience on something like a SV650, or Shiver etc.

    At $3k that's either an easy profit, or a nice little investment.

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