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Thread: Saw this today,

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    Saw this today,

    at the Goodwood Breakfast Run,

    Nice isn't it.

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    Very. I have no idea how those old Laverdas ride or feel, but I have always thought they were beautiful. Laverda orange. And that's a nicely restored one!
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    I always wanted a Laverda, the 99-01 models were sweet looking. A guy has one for sale out in Oregon, if I had the extra cash I'd buy it. They may have some niggles but most bikes like them always do. I'd take a chance on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FTM View Post
    at the Goodwood Breakfast Run,

    Nice isn't it.
    very nice sf3

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    sigh. lust. sigh. Very clean and gorgeous.
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    It is not an SF3.

    It is the holy grail of Laverdas: an SFC!
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