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Thread: Handle on gravel

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    Handle on gravel

    How well does the mp3 handle on gravel roads or paved roads with the winter spray of pea gravel?

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    not to good but better then a motorcycle made for the street
    so be carefull not to slip
    if you want to ride dirt roads its best to get a dirt bike / supermoto they handle it
    but every motorcycle and car slips on gravel sprao on the road just the mp3 has a advantage that it has more grip points then a standard motorcycle so its more stable

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    I've ridden through snow and ice although at a very slow and steady pace, and was pleasantly surprised just how stable the scoot was. Something I would never have even dreamt of doing with a two wheeler.
    Slipping and sliding in gravel is to be expected so start off very cautiously, and stay within your comfort zone.

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