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Thread: Mana side cases

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    Again thank you for taking the time to provide the measurements.
    I was looking at the GIVI V35 and Kappa K33 side cases both are cheaper priced compared to the OEM Aprilia CM223601 cases.
    Givi does not make side racks for the Mana. Has anyone installed the Givi V35 or Kappa K33 on their Mana?

    The following hard side cases that work with the Mana

    OEM Aprilia Rigid Side Cases CM223601

    GIVI V35 Monokey Sidecase

    Kappa K33

    The Kappa is the cheapest of the bunch.. basically the same case as Givi and Aprilia without the red or white lenses and gloss parts.
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    I've got the Givi V35 Tech cases. They have black trim panels to match the bike and a colourless plastic reflector rather than a red one. Handy, as the cases mount the wrong way round on a Mana and the reflector faces forward. The mounts are an Aprilia part that a dealer can get for you or you can order on the internet from an number of online stores. They are straight forward to fit. The most onerous part is taking the foot rest supports off the bike to replace a rubber bush with an aluminium one the first time you fit the mounts. Presumably this stops any movement in the foot rest supports, as the mounts bolt on to these near the passenger foot rest.

    Overall, I think the Givi V35s more than do the job. I rode through torrential rain in the Jura mountains and up the french motorways last August with them on the bike and they stayed bone dry inside. They don't noticeably alter the dynamics of the bike either, you soon forget they are even there. A word of caution on that, the bike is very wide with them on, lane splitting probably isn't a good idea...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    UPDATE: SW-Motech does not make kits for the Mana....

    Still looking at my options. I park two bikes and two cars (plus 5 bicycles & 2 SUP) in a two car garage so space is tight. The hard style side cases may not be the one for me.

    I am now looking at the SW-Motech Blaze Sport Saddlebag and connect system. Anyone has experience using this bag on their Mana?

    Planning a 1842 km 5 day around the lake trip from Toronto
    Day 1 = 491 km to Saranac
    Day 2 = 232 km to Lake George
    Day 3 = 381 km to Watkins Glen
    Day 4 = 353 km to Kane Pennsylvania
    Day 5 = 385 km to Toronto
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    Happy New Year!!!

    Anyone installed the Krauser C-Bow Mana fitting kit/saddle bag holder (4007-003-131) and Krauser Softbag Set Street C-Bow (5003-000-002)?


    Hepco and Becker C-Bow saddlebag holder (630.776) and Hepo & Becker Softbag Set Street C-Bow (640.600.0001)?

    If Yes.. please review and post pictures. thank you.
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    I have the OEM version of the bags. No Aprilia marking and they fit backwards on the bike. Have had problems with lower bag frame bolts disappearing on two trips. Second time they had lockite and still vanished after a bumpy ride down a South Dakota state highway. Now I carry spare set and stay away from South Dakota! That leaves me lots of places to lose my bolts....

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    I have several Griso owning friends who have the C-Bow set up and speak highly of it but my own experience is limited. Sorry.

    Professional Goat Burster.

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    The Krauser systems and bags are not sold in Canada or the US... So eBay is my only source. I'm a little anxious with dropping $600US to buy off of eBay shipping from the UK.

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    Visiting my sister in Germany and ordered the Krauser bags and C-Bow rack. Will provide pictures on my return to Canada.

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    Krauser C-Bow holder & rear rack are now installed

    I installed the Krauser rear rack 4007-003-201 and Krauser C-Bow holder 4007-003-131. Will post pictures on the weekend.

    I am also selling my Givi Monorack 732FZ - FZ732 topcase Support Brackets. <<< click to see post
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    Does this make me look fat?

    With the Krauser side bags installed the width measures about 3 feet (1 Meter) across. The Aprilia / Givi V35 Tech cases are about the same width. Because the Aprilia Side Case is a hard case it does over more security compared to the Krauser soft bags.

    The Krauser saddle bag sits lower compared to the Aprilia / Givi V35. The Krauser is installed inline with the pillion seat where as the Aprilia system is higher in the air. The Krauser side bags sits about 2 inches above the exhaust pipe. No heat guard so I hope it does not melt.

    The Krauser rear rack elevates the top case about 2 inches or so higher compared to the Givi Monorack rack. Makes it easier to reach the gastank lock and makes the rear light a little more visible. The Krauser also offers a side grab bar for your pillion rider.

    I did not like the Aprilia / Givi V35 application as it just seemed like an after thought. It was we made a touring bike. Yeah!.. Oh crap! Where do we put the side bags? IMO the Krauser rack system looks better than the Givi rack. The Krauser C-Bow holder and rear rack follows the lines of the Mana beautifully, looks like it was meant to be there.

    Everything cost me around €410 ($550 CDN) My sister lives in Germany and ordered it for me from
    The Aprilia / Givi V35 side case alone costs $580 US ($686 CDN)

    C-Bow Saddle Bag holder: €115,55
    Street Soft Bag: €130,21
    Rear Rack: €161,99

    Cases and new racks are installed.
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    Additional info I tried to buy local, Canada and then from AF1 racing. My problem Krauser products are not sold in North America.

    Steve at AF1 Thank you very much for your support. You took the time to respond to all my questions.

    Trying to support AF1 I started off looking at the Hepco and Becker line. But was advised that the C-bow frames cannot be combined with the rear rack and cannot be installed together.

    • Hepco & Becker C-Bow saddlebag holder (630.776)
    • Hepco & Becker alu rear rack (650.776.0101)
    • Hepo & Becker Softbag Set Street C-Bow 22 Ltr. (640.600.0001)
    Hepco and Becker recommended The Hepco & Becker Black Pannier Rack (650.776.0001) instead of the Alu rack. I did not like that look of the cases offered for this system.

    After a number of emails with Krauser’s customer service they guaranteed that the Krauser system could be installed together.

    • Krauser C-Bow Mana fitting kit/saddle bag holder (4007-003-131)
    • Krauser Rear Rack (4007-003-201)
    • Krauser Softbag Set Street C-Bow 22 Ltr. (5003-000-002)

    I considered the Hepco & Becker Oval Street Soft Case (640.610.00.01) but liked the look of Krauser’s kidney shaped bag.

    To add… I found it strange as the Krauser and the Hepco C-bow and rear rack looks the same and even shares the same instructions. But I am not going to question the advice offered by AF1 and Hepco & Becker.

    A little Krauser history Taken from a comparison article by twisted Givi, Sw-Motech, Krauser, & Five Stars: Which To Choose?

    Krauser is a very old German company that formerly supplied BMW factory luggage and is now operated by the same company that owns Hepco & Becker. Their recent revival and product redesign has ensured their relevance for a long time to come.

    Krauser racks utilize a unique fitting and latching mechanism that is not compatible with the Givi standard. In other words, you cannot fit Givi cases to a Krauser rack or vice-versa.

    Krauser builds both top and sideracks for most of their supported models. In almost every case, the toprack and sideracks can be fitted independent of one another. Since each rack is custom made for the intended motorcycle, no additional special fitting kit is required.

    In general, the Krauser cases and racks are of higher quality and better finish than similar Givi or Five Stars components. However, Krauser's range of supported motorcycle models is much more limited. Additionally, while their cases are among the best synthetic hard luggage that you can buy, they are limited in color and design -- only black is available.

    • Top-notch build quality
    • Discreet, OEM-like appearance
    • Custom fitted to each bike model – no extra “fitting kit” required

    • Not Givi-case compatible – must use proprietary Krauser cases [I was able to install my Givi Universal Monolock Plate on the Krauser rear rack]
    • Currently supports only a limited range of bike models
    • Non-transferable between different bike models
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    Just a plug for AF1
    AF1 carries the Hepco & Becker line that fits the Mana.
    • Hepco & Becker C-Bow saddlebag holder - MM630.776(630.776)
    • Hepco & Becker alu rear rack - MM650.776.01.01 (650.776.0101)
    • Hepco & Becker Street Soft Cases - PAIR C-Bow 22 Ltr. - MM640.600.00.01 (640.600.0001)
    • Hepco & Becker Oval Street Soft Cases - PAIR - MM640.610.00.01 (640.610.00.01)

    The Hepco & Becker Street Sort Cases or the Oval Street Soft Cases (with the C-Bow support) will fit on the Mana with no contact to the stock exhaust.
    Note: I was advised by the Hepco & Becker rep and AF1 sales team that the Hepco & Becker C-bow frames and the Hepco & Becker rear rack cannot be installed together.
    Not sure why as the Hepco & Becker and Krauser are the same company, the parts and bags look the same, the instructions that came with my Krauser racks had both company names printed on it.

    So if you are looking for another saddle bag solution do have a look at the Hepco & Becker line at AF1
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