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Thread: Next Futura?

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    Quote Originally Posted by infrasoundxp View Post
    Every new "sport-touring" machine that seems to come out is really more of an adventure bike riding stance IMO. I don't like them.
    yup...because it isn’t a bad sport touring stance at all. I just bought a Caponord 1200just for that reason, and I find myself riding the Futura less and less. In particular, the more upright stance works worlds better for carrying a passenger.

    That said, I’m not putting the biggest effort into selling my Futura. It scratches itches that the Caponord can’t.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RAS View Post
    I've owned 3 BMWs. That was enough. My last, a '96 K1100RS was always broken. At one point, the radiator fan drilled a hole thru the back of the radiator. When I went looking to see why hit was hard to start and did not have the bottom end torque of the '95 version that belonged to the same friend with the SDukeR, I discovered the cam timing was advanced by 1 tooth on both cams and journal locating dowels had never been installed at the factory - they don't fall out as the head must be heated before they are pressed in. Nah, no more beemers please.
    I find it amusing that your avatar is a BMW. :-)
    I’m surprised about your K11 RS experience; I’ve always considered that one of the most unsung, bullet proof BMWs ever. Big/heavy, but torquey and, at least I thought, universally reliable. I had one that never let me down, even though it was dragging a lot of weight:
    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	386773’s also, I hear, competed in more Iron Butt rallies than any other bike. FWIW, its nearly impossible for me to compare the K11 to the Futura - the K being way on the “tour” end of the spectrum and the Fut on the Sport.

    Generally, I like BMWs but not stereotypical BMW owners or dealers. I have the same issue with Ducati. Guess I’m a snob. :-)

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    That was the color of my buddy's '95. His was also bullet proof, as was his 85 K100

    I owned that R90 in my avatar from 76-83. The next was an 82 R100RS from early 83 to '97 when I bought the '96K11RSA.

    The avatar is more about 1981, a down coat, and open face hat, than the old "brown stain" (the nickname my, erm, friends gave it.)

    Day 1, my R90 didn't make it all the way home before the gear box started making all manner of grinding noises - the gearbox had not been filled properly

    At the R100's 1st oil change, I discovered the piece of paper that came in the filter boxes wrapped around the outside of the oil filter - wtf. I wish I'd kept that old RS. It was a really cool bike. I'd not realized how much I put into that bike until I discarded all my receipts after selling it. It cost me a fortune to maintain - a $1 gearbox spring that cost hundreds to replace comes to mind, and I removed the gearbox. That totally enclosed fairing caused all manner of diode board failures. I used to just leave the center panel off in the summer. Ultimately, the oil in the driveshaft was getting sucked into the gearbox. A week of commuting resulted in me draining oil from the box and adding more to the shaft. The dealer made 4 attempts to fix it w/o success, so after 14 years, it had to go.

    The K-bike, well mine was a, black & silver lemon - it was beautiful, but hard to start due to the incorrect cam timing and continually broken. That gen ABS was also a daily pita. It activated way too easily, increasing stopping distances for a bike that weighed 630 lbs. In the winter, a normal start-up would draw the battery down enough that the ABS would not cycle properly. And because it was built missing cam locating dowels from the factory, the timing chain started making clicking noises - even after replacing the chain, tensioner and all the guides. That bike croaked on its next owner - so I was told.

    We won't even talk about all the issues with gearbox output shaft splines (maintenance free, lol) and all the wheel bearing failures on the bikes with belt drives.

    There's no longer a BMW or an Aprilia dealer anywhere near here. At least I can fix my Fut when something goes w/o the need for an expensive factory tool. Even after 16 years, it's really not needed much.

    I'm sure the new BMWs are very nice bikes. Fit and finish was always top notch, even if engineering was a tad suspect. But BMW (sorta like Apple, lol - I own those too) hasn't been shy about telling the world it wants you to buy a new bike when the warranty is up. That would be nice.
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