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Thread: Turismo Veloce 800

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    Turismo Veloce 800

    Oh my! My Futura is safe for now. a 34" seat height and the nearest MV dealer being over 200 miles away might be the only reasons. Of course, sticker shock hasn't set in yet. It is purdy

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    I freaking love it! Just a perfect sport-tourer (at least going by the spec sheet). I'm curious about the pricing, since MV has been pretty aggressive on some of their other models. If they can keep it around $15k and sort out the fueling issues, they might have a gem on their hands.
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    There's bound to be a first of everything, and that's the first fugly MV, imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mardoch View Post
    There's bound to be a first of everything, and that's the first fugly MV, imo.
    This, coming from someone who owns a Dorsoduro, doesn't cary much weight.
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    Decent review here. I love this bike but yeah the 850mm seat height is a major deal breaker for me.
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    Okay JC - I will buy yours for you.
    Sport tour sounds Just Right.
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    Canadian site says the price includes 2 years of scheduled service. That's another 2-3k off the price.

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    Ive ridden the 800 Brutala, great engine, torquey also, and the fueling was very good.
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