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Thread: AF1 - Fly and ride question

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    AF1 - Fly and ride question

    Ed, feel free to nuke this, the info may be posted elsewhere, I did not see it.

    While a few planets need to come into alignment for me to sneak a new Stelvio NTX past my wife and into the garage, my question is if I flew out from California for delivery of same, what is the process for getting some type of temporary permit from the Texas DMV in order to legally ride back to California?

    In a perfect world a bike pick-up, Texas BBQ putter around, thence first service at AF1 and then back to the land of fruits and nuts would seem the thing to do. Dealing with LEO in three our four different states on tag issues is an unknown...

    Any insight?

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    Most states have a temp plate specifically to address this. I got one when I bought my truck in Az. and drove it back here. I didn't want to bother, but the Missus put her foot down. I figured "I've got proof of insurance & a bill of sale, so I should be good." Well, I'm glad I did get one because I got pulled more than once on the way home. The temp plate saved me a lot of time & explaining. I don't know how Tx is, but Az and NC are both simple. If you've got a bill of sale or MCO/MSO and proof of insurance you're basically done. You'll have to pay their fee (usually pretty cheap, like $20), and wait in line. I don't quite remember the specifics about this, but I don't believe I paid sales tax or road use tax at the point of purchase because I told them I was registering for transport only. So I paid all the tax when I registered here. I'm sure the Tx DMV website can get you most of the info, and Ed, Jon, and the crew can set you up with everything else you'll need to know.

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    We can supply a Texas temp Tag at no cost, it's good for either 30 or 60 days, can't remember exactly. Lets you get it home and then you go to your DMV for your real plates.

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