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Thread: 13 TRE k

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    13 TRE k

    Looks great in the new colors. I'd take one!
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    I so want to like this Brand, but can't see how with the bikes they're making now

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    Ride one...then you will have it 100% out of your system, junk is FAR to kind a word for me to use, based on the ones I have played it. I have only done serious dyno work on one, disappointing results for an engine of its size and claimed output would also be far too kind a description.
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    I have owned one and loved it while it was running ,the riding experience always put a smile on my chops especially on a track day and i was never left behind when out with my friends on there jap metal . I had mine set up and improved by a specialist and the results were 120 rwhp and 70 ftlbs torque this combined with a slipper clutch made a great bike until the reliability gremlins set in again .You can get a lot more power from them than that using tornado 1130 engine parts cams etc if you needed .I have seen and owned a lot worse .

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