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Thread: More problems - Fuel tank heat sheild

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    More problems - Fuel tank heat sheild

    I know this is a new model, but this is getting silly!!

    The heat shield on the fuel tank is parting company from the fuel tank:
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    And it's not just mine, on the dealer's demonstrator bike it has almost fallen off and is now touching the exhaust (and starting to burn).
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The dealer has said they will glue it back into place. (The heat shield part is not available by itself, so that is a new tank if the glue doesn't work. I can see Aprilia suddenly making it available.

    I'm not too keen to be sitting on 24 litres of highly flammble liquid so close to a heat source.

    I'll keep you posted.


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    Chris - Bad luck Have just checked mine, I have done 4600 miles+ and in some pretty heavy rain, but all seems to be nicely stuck in place. Perhaps is was a small batch of bikes and you and your dealer got two of them. Don't know but I will keep a check on this in future, thanks for the warning, don't want to

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