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Thread: lx150 carb help needed

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    lx150 carb help needed

    Hi I am a former aprilia owner and this site has always been a huge wealth of knowledge and the people know how to help fiz stuff. i put a post on mdernvespa and not getting any help. i figured my people here will be able to help me out a little more. i now have a 2006 vespa lx150

    I have read the million posts about this and cleaned the crap out of this carb. the scoot only has 350 miles on it and i just bought it from a guy a month ago and been getting it running correctly. i have burned through plenty of tanks of gat to have any thought of bad gas, and cleaned the carb 5 different times now i need some pro advice!

    the problem lies in starting the scoot it needs the throttle pulled back to start it and a terrible idle until it warms up. Once the electronic choke pin hits the right temp and the pin drops into hole it runs perfectly? the mixture screw has no effect on this start and idle process. runs super rich until the pin drops.

    so am i missing something, how can it run so great once that thermostat pin drops from the electronic choke and before hand it takes so much effort to start it and keep it running?

    things i have done.
    cleaned the crap out of the carbs and jets
    removed SAS
    removed EVAP
    cleaned air filter
    checked for vacuum leak
    changed fuel
    new fuel
    seafoam fuel
    new plug

    thank you in advance
    2009 SR70 R Diablo
    Malossi BBK/ECU adapter
    Malossi VL13 Reed cage
    NGKZMR7AP indexed
    ECU Derestricted
    Leo Vince Pipe
    No Plate/No Ring
    Polished HGT Fuel Regulator
    Malossi red filter, stock box
    4.8 roller weights
    Gear up kit
    Rest B Stock
    58 MPH Flat/Normal day

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    ultrasonic clean your carb, and change out all fuel filter

    Good luck, you will be on vespa no time

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    Does it have a 35 or 38 pilot jet? The fuel idle mixture screw SHOULD have a very definite effect, even before motor is up to temp. At hot idle you want to set the idle to the target idle rpm of say 1,500 revs, then adjust mixture screw until fastest smoothest idle is achieved...then turn down idle speed adjuster...and repeat process on mixture screw. Normally you need a Keihin D-Type screw adjuster tool to set idle mixture. You do have the float bowl vent hose disconnected too right? If not and there is any build up in the EVAP system the motor will run way, way too rich at startup and depending on severity of situation even when warm. Hope this helps.
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